Planner Brand Review (2021)

Since 2019, I have been using different types of weekly/monthly planners to keep track of tasks and timelines for author duties, as well as information for my personal life. Over the years, I have tried three different planner brands: Blue Sky (2019), Global Printed Products (2020), and Bloom Daily Planners (2021). In preparation for 2022 rolling in next month, offering us a huge clean slate to plan, today I’ll be reviewing each of these three planner brands and will reveal which one I’ve requested for next year!

Note: I am not a paid affiliate of any of the brands mentioned in this post. I am simply doing a review of products I have used over the past three years that were gifted to me for Christmas. Each planner was a weekly/monthly style in the 4″x6″ (or closest equivalent) size.

Blue Sky (2019)

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  • More unique than the other two I’ve used, in that it offers a slot on the front cover for you to add your own photos if desired
  • Offers the most notes pages out of the three (50+ pages!)
  • Offers lined spaces within each daily block on the monthly calendar spreads
  • Offers the most space to write for daily tasks
  • Least expensive out of the three


  • Does not include bonus accessories, like sticker sheets, rulers, goal pages, etc.
  • No motivational quotes (not a big gripe, but they’re cool to have)
  • Least amount of notes space on the monthly spread pages
  • No Priorities for This Week section on the weekly spreads

Global Printed Products (2020)

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  • Includes a ruler, a couple different varieties of sticky notes, storage pockets, a clip-in bookmark, and a single sheet of stickers.
  • Lots of Notes space on the monthly spread layouts
  • Includes 11 notes pages
  • Includes A Priorities for This Week section (with space for three items) on each weekly spread
  • Includes motivational quotes on each weekly spread


  • “Hardcover” received the most damage out of the three over its year of use, despite it being left in a bag when its not in use.
  • Cover design and included stickers are the least attractive out of the three in my opinion.
  • Bookmark ended up breaking/wearing out before the year ended due to the way it is designed (clip-on to the coil)
  • Not as much space to write down tasks in the daily sections as the other two
  • The most expensive out of the three

Bloom Daily Planners (2021)

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  • Includes a single sticker sheet (with ADORABLE stickers), storage pockets, a magnetic book mark
  • Numerous Goals and Planning worksheet pages are included to help you get further insight on what you want out of your year
  • A Priorities for This Week section (with space for three items) on each weekly spread
  • Its soft-cover received the least amount of damage out of the three over the course of the year
  • A Notes sidebar on the monthly spreads that is as long vertically as the calendar portion
  • Some motivational quotes are featured, but more importantly, this planner offers more goal-setting and/or mental health break tips, which is an amazing change from the other two planners


  • Includes the least amount of notes pages out of the three (5 pages)

So, Which Planner Brand is My Favorite?

If the lack of Cons on the last planner brand, Bloom Daily Planners, isn’t obvious enough, I’ve requested another Bloom weekly/monthly planner on my Christmas list this year! ❤

This review is based on my personal preferences for what I’m looking for in a planner, and the Bloom planner just fits my needs the best. I would, however, recommend each of these planner brands to my readers, as they have all adequately helped me plan out my tasks over the past three years.

Talk to Me, Arrowheads!

Do you use another brand of planners that I didn’t include in this review? Which brand do you use, and what are the pros and cons you’ve found with it? Share your experience in the comments below!

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson 😀

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